An orc with a vision of freedom.




Snaga’s earliest memories were spent inside a slave camp. Being raised in seclusion and with humans, Snaga had no idea what being an orc meant. Snaga didn’t even realize the name his gnoll slavers gave him meant “slave” in orc until years after he was freed. The slavers’ whips could not quell the young orc’s rebellious nature however. He rebelled numerous times during his internment, even killing a gnoll once. He was beat severely for that.

Snaga was eventually sold to an older woman who lived in western border city of Solku. The woman was kind to him. She did not beat him and did not treat him as other slave owners did. She even educated Snaga, teaching him to read and reason and expanding his mind far beyond the confines of his slavery. Snaga came to affectionately call his owner his mother and she did not stop him.

During a trip back to Solku from Khatapesh, Snaga and his mother were set upon by a band of gnolls. When the guards fell, Snaga took up a hammer and defended his mother from the gnolls. Unfortunately, the excitement took its toll on the aged woman’s body and she fell ill. Snaga’s mother supplied Snaga with the papers of his freedom and released him to find his own destiny. Snaga stayed with his mother until she passed.

Snaga learned that the gnolls that had set upon his mother and him were from the Pale Mountains. After embarking on his quest to find these gnolls as a free orc, Snaga came into contact with a mysterious man named Garavel. Garavel offered Snaga a position on an expedition to retake a city from a band of gnolls. Eager to take his vengeance, Snaga accepted Garavel’s offer.


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