Delilah 'Del' K'Sheek




Katapesh is no home for a proper elf. As such only rare merchants or travelers pass through the thoroughfares of commerce. Only a family dishonored among their people would even venture to settle amid the short-lived and half-breeds. Long separated from the traditional lands of elven life, the K’Sheek family had come to hold and cultivate a small landed estate. While not royal or noble, yeoman are granted certain duties and rights by virtue of possessing free lands of some annual note. It is here, in the southern reaches of the country, that Del’s story begins, and to that extent, nearly ends.

While grown according to human reckoning, yet still a child to her own race, Del grew tired of her studies and plying the trade of her parents. She often sought an old huntress, Cassa Veila, who had settled on the edge of the K’Sheek lands, near the Elemion river that flowed from the mountains past Solku en route to the sea. Cassa grew fond of Del and their mostly secret meetings. Elven studies, unlike that of shorter lived races, included sword-play and magical aptitude, and as such Del was a capable combatant, but lacked the practical skill and finesse. Cassa taught Del how to thrive on her own in spite of the many perils and natural dangers of the ever-shifting landscape of Katapesh, talents that would prove useful for the rest of her days.

Though Cassa had long passed, Del kept practicing the huntress’ trade. When gnolls surged from White Canyon among the southern Brazen Peaks, attempting to enslave the population of the walled city of Solku, she sought to ply her skill on something more than simple animals. Though capable of proving little more than a slight irritation to the gnoll horde, Del believed that she was helping. Every gnoll she killed, was one less that the defenders of the city had to contend with.

Del abandoned her harry against the gnolls when an attack failed, severely injuring her and nearly capturing her. The growing night horizon glowed with an unnatural orange and red. Lush flames engulfed the estate as gouts of smoke billowed out the windows and doorways. Soldiers hired by her father lay dead, but the where too few bodies and too many tracks. Del frantically searched for survivors. Anyone who could tell her of the events that happened. Sharad, her dearest friend, knelt impaled on a crude spear. She found her father, severely injured and delirious from smoke inhalation. Del drug him to safety and mended his wounds. As he regained breathe, pain wracked his body and screams bellowed from his lips. Through mad spattering, Del gathered the lands came under attack of a gnoll war band. They enslaved those they could and killed those who posed a threat. Her mother and brother were among those taken. At least that was the best she could have calculated as their bodies were never recovered.

Rough years followed as the siege on Solku lasted five years. Del explained to her father as to why she was away and her belief that her actions allowed their current circumstances to happen. She defended her father’s land when a hunting party would draw too near.

When the siege broke, Del exiled herself, believing that remaining would bring further shame upon her family. She would atone for the sins against her family. Solku provided the best place to strike back at the monsters of Katapesh. She often visited inns and taverns as they provided useful information on monstrous hunts. During her two years at Solku, she made a rough friendship with an orc whose hatred of the gnolls matched hers. They even ventured out against a hunting party on three separate occasions. She quickly found out the the orc’s motivation appeared blind rage, while she sought any information of her family or to free slaves captured by the creatures.

Delilah 'Del' K'Sheek

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