Achieving Greatness

Everyone loves feats. They’re a great way to personalize your character, and the huge number of feats to choose from guarantees you’ll be able to carve out your own unique take on any class you want. Some feats encourage this by granting more potent abilities, but only if you build your way up to them by taking the right classes, skills, or other feats.

But there’s a kind of prerequisite that most feats ignore, a prerequisite that’s more difficult to balance due to its variable nature. It’s one thing to be able to take a feat because you picked the right combination of skills and abilities. But what about feats that require you to achieve some sort of objective in the game itself ?

Presented here is a new kind of feat for you to try out—the achievement feat. These feats cannot be taken at character creation, even if you’re creating a character of a much higher level than 1st. In order to qualify for an achievement feat, your character must first achieve a very specific in-game goal—often a goal that requires you to play your character in a specific way or track certain elements of game play.

Due to their nature, achievement feats rely on a certain measure of player honesty. While some GMs won’t mind tracking your progress toward a desired achievement, many won’t have the time or patience to do so. In this case, that task falls to you, the player. Make sure your GM is okay with using achievement feats in his campaign before you start working toward one.

More than most feats, achievement feats require you to have a relatively good idea of how you want to develop your character—alternatively, you can use a specific achievement feat as a guide for a character’s growth. You should decide early on if you want to go for an achievement feat, so you’ll have more time to plan for the required achievement.

While some achievement feat requirements are memorable events that are easily tracked and remembered (such as the Graverisen feat), others require a bit of note taking on your part. It’s best to set aside a piece of blank paper or part of your character sheet to track your kills, your healing totals, the number of critical hits you land, or whatever achievement you’re going for; a simple list of numbers or hash-marks will do, and in so doing you’ll have a record of the exact moment you qualify.

Because of the way you qualify for these feats, it is possible to exploit circumstances to easily meet the requirements for some of these feats. For example, you could qualify for the Gifted Mesmerist feat by casting charm person on willing party members, or have the party sorcerer knock you out every day with burning hands so you qualify for the Flame-Tested Survivor feat. This sort of exploitation goes against the intent of having these feats be the result of actual achievements, and your GM should feel free to discount these attempts when deciding whether or not you qualify for the feat.

Note: Several of the achievement feats presented here are designed with Legacy of Fire in mind. While the concept of an achievement feat works in any long-term campaign, if you’re using these in a campaign other than Legacy of Fire, work with your GM to make sure the proper adjustments to the feat are made so that it’s not an impossible task to qualify for it. After all, it’d be pretty tough to qualify for the All Gnolls Must Die feat if there are no gnolls in your campaign!

All Gnolls Must Die
Flame-Tested Survivor
Gifted Mesmerist
Healer’s Touch
History of Scars
Relentless Butcher

Achieving Greatness

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