Legacy of Fire Character Traits

Character traits are a way to encourage players to build a character background that fits into the world of Golarion. Think of character traits as “story seeds”—after a player picks a trait or traits, he’ll have a point of inspiration from which to build his character’s personality and history. Alternatively, if a character already has a background, picking his traits can be a great way to quantify that, just as picking race, class, and ability scores quantifies his strengths and weaknesses. Game mechanics for traits are explained in the character traits web supplement (see the sidebar on the next page).

A character trait is roughly equal in power to half a feat. In most campaigns, PCs select two traits at character creation, effectively gaining a bonus feat. Character traits are intended for PCs—if a GM wants an NPC to have traits, he should consider making that NPC take the Additional Traits feat (detailed in the character traits web supplement).

There are five trait categories: basic, campaign, race, region, and religion—each with several subcategories, as detailed below. A character can only have one trait from each particular trait category or subcategory.

This section details several new character traits, including some tailored for the region of Katapesh, Katapesh-themed race traits for several different races, religion traits for faiths common to Katapesh, and finally several campaign traits created specifically for Legacy of Fire. If you’re making a character for the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path, one of your character traits should be a campaign trait—your other trait can be selected from any other subcategory, but since the Legacy of Fire campaign traits give you a built-in hook to the campaign, they’re the most important.

Region Traits
Race Traits
Religion Traits
Campaign Traits

Legacy of Fire Character Traits

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