Religions of Katapesh

The predominant religion in Katapesh is Abadar’s faith, as the god of mercantilism, money, and cities finds much support among the buyers and sellers of the nation’s famous markets. Even followers of other deities often murmur a prayer to Abadar before engaging in a business deal, or drop a few coins in one of Abadar’s tithe-boxes after a successful sale.

Sarenrae enjoys the largest following after Abadar. In a country with so much sun, and where the heat can grow intense enough to cause damage or death, it seems only natural that many would revere the goddess of the sun and healing. Sarenrae’s paladins play a major role in defending Solku, and Katapesh in general, and most citizens see them as benevolent and admirable crusaders. Unfortunately, Sarenrae’s strong presence here also draws cultists of Rovagug seeking to destroy the Dawnflower’s followers.

Desna, Gozreh, Nethys, and Pharasma also enjoy moderate followings in Katapesh. Gnolls revere Lamashtu, and many shrines in the mountains pay homage to the Mother of Monsters.

Dieties of Magor Influence

Dieties of Minor Influence

Religions of Katapesh

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